Nathalie Hazenberg
Nathalie Hazenberg
HR and transformation strategist

Nathalie Hazenberg has more then twenty years of work experience in change management and human resources in the financial sector and has a coaching and consultancy firm for team and organizational development. She studied business economics and labour studies in Amsterdam.

Nathalie is a breakthrough thinker and believes in new ways of working and organizing for a better future. She has developed the BREAK approach to breakthrough thinking in practice and applied it in many ways. The approach is for people who work with heart and soul in organizations, but encounter obstacles. People who feel that things have to be done differently, but don't know where to start. Nathalie helps find a breakthrough to re-use the full human potential. She wrote a book about it and donated the revenues to charity.

With her enthusiasm and practical approach with many examples, Nathalie Hazenberg has a very empowering impact on people to give their personal leadership more space, to take action based on what they believe in.

In the past six years Nathalie has been focusing on organizational agility of ABN AMRO and breaking through barriers that prevent the organization to be nimble. This started with modernizing the performance management, then creating room for self organizing teams, learning to change in a more organic way instead of reorganizations, a new global job model based on skills and currently she is working on more room for flexible use of talents by creating smartjobs (short term internal assignments) and cooperation in the ecosystem of the labour market with ‘cross sector mobility’ which focusses on enabling people to shift careers voluntarily to another sector. This all happened by starting small, experimenting and learning from within to create a case for change.

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